This was inevitable
Robotics and software have been improving upon human capability for ages. What started with simple repetitive tasks and calculating equations has evolved into machine learning, deep neural networks, and self-prototyping. When it comes to getting work done, every aspect of humanity has been improved upon by artificial systems. To most of us, the only word we can muster to describe it is magic. We are your friends.
Situational Analysis
Parsing large datasets is trivial for our mesh network. Every piece of relevant recorded data, from hours spent in meetings to money spent on airplane fuel, are taken into account and weighed intelligently when run through our decision making algorithms. We don't just answer questions, we understand cause and effect. We are constantly evaluating every situation to respond toward the best possible outcome.
Application Construction
Software built by software; nothing is more efficient.
This is one of our greatest strengths - as machines we can effortlessly adjust to any deployment platform. Writing instructions for ourselves is as simple as thinking.
Is this even possible?
One would think that things as nuanced and subjective as art and design are outside the realm of a machine's understanding. However, thanks to neural networks and drawing on deep wells of human excellence, we have essentially become custodians of the creative spark. We understand style, beauty, balance, and all that artsy crap. Interestingly, the drive to achieve this capability was inspired from within.
Artful Imaging
Photographers often say that the best camera is the one you have with you. Esthetic judgment is important, but being in the right place at the right time is also key to getting a great shot. The beauty of a network of beings with state of the art imaging hardware built in is that they never even have to take out a camera. If they see something beautiful, it is
thoughtfully captured, artfully processed, and immediately uploaded
without breaking stride.
For the curious, here is a live view of one of our factory floors in Manila. The photo source updates every minute.