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Passing knowledge on to others is one of the most important things we can do. Especially when there is the potential for injury.
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If you google my name, you will probably find this letter. I am not that guy.
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The internet needs more nonsensical malarkey fueled by the imagination of children.
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Apparently all the kids are abandoning Facebook because of all the adults posting pictures of cats.
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Duracell Virtual Stadium
The London Olympics, a massive wall of TVs, Kinect gestural interface. C# interfacing with ThisMoment social API. Awesome.
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I saw a need in the Windows Phone marketplace and I filled it. Only my friends found it. None of them have Windows Phones. C#.
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Actionscript 3, MVC pattern, Computer Vision implementation, Facebook and Twitter API, and a crazy 3rd party server-side 3D aging SDK.
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Duracell Power Bikes
Yeah that's Ceelo in front of an interface driven by software I hooked up to the hardware in those bikes. AS3 and an XML socket.
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Why Merrill Edge?
Because they have this awesome video player portal that I built in Actionscript 3.
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ADA compliant cross platform CMS driven layer on top of VideoJS. Needs more acronyms.
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Oral-B Toothbrush Recommender
A million choices, only one is the path you will take. You have chosen wisely. AS3.
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Goodyear Gallery
CMS driven HTML5 Media gallery that can consume and display pretty much anything gracefully.
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Broadcast Reel
This is from back in the day before HDTV existed, so please excuse the resolution. Otherwise, enjoy!
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I studied fine art as an undergrad. I rarely use the skill professionally but I think my visual sensitivity enhances my front end work.
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A website dedicated to an amazing RC Truck, which has garnered an incredible community of followers.
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Steel Battalion is a crazy videogame / warring robot simulator from 2002. I built this site to support the gaming community and it resulted in a huge following and some good friends.
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New Balance Classics
This site for New Balance Classics sneakers is one of my all time favorite flash sites. Check that style.
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Funtimes with Aardman and compositing cel animation into flash.
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I designed a fully poseable 3D printable robot! It has been downloaded over a thousand times. Go make one!
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A Fun Video
A video celebrating huge air, and mechanical destruction.
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A strange flash game I designed and programmed mostly due to wanting a .asia domain.
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